Friday, December 14, 2007

Change vs Evolution

I read a report recently that there has been faster changes in human evolution (as observed in genetic structure) over the past couple of centuries than over the past 10 millennia. When mankind figured out his first simple tools he had no intention to change the world. He didn't envision sky scrapers, printed type, computers, an interstate highway system. He used his tools with an eye to the task to be performed. He evolved and with him so did his tools. For the moment, instead of confronting how modern technology may effect human evolution, I'd like to get back to our evolutionary roots.

In the self development industry, a lot of focus seems to be placed on extending yourself. Most people seem to desire to take the tools of self development and try to change the world. Well, it's not typically feasible. The tools for self development, even the title of the field "Self development" is focused on the internal nature of the tools. I consider goals and their external nature to be separate from self development. However, if you use the internal nature of self development to evolve yourself, the external world will change itself to meet the goals you set.

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