Friday, November 9, 2007

Finding What You're Looking For

I recently bought two ferrets. They make great companions, and I'm glad I've got them. When I was considering getting ferrets people kept reinforcing the idea that they smell bad. My own research said that the foul odor is in their waste, so if you keep their litter clean, no problems. Well, I've been doing my best to keep the cage clean. I'm also being more conscious about smells. I'm on the lookout for offensive smells. Well, I'm finding them.

I'm not finding offensive smells as much around the house but in places where I've never looked for offensive smells before. I've been waiting tables at the same restaurant for several years. I've begun interpreting every day smells, even kitchen smells as offensive.

The point is because I am now looking for offensive smells, I'm finding them. Same thing seems to happen with cars... when you think about getting a particular car you seem to see that car on the road everywhere.

So, what if a person starts looking for business opportunities? Or someone with whom to have a healthy relationship? Or enjoyable ways to exercise? Everything anyone could want is available in abundance. If you look for it you'll find it not anywhere, but everywhere.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Success is Neutral

Okay, now I know this sounds crazy, but while I was at the urinal in a public restroom doing my business I had this epiphany. “Success is Neutral.” That’s right success is just like money it is completely neutral. Can money be used for good? Can it be used for bad? Of course. But what about success? Can Success be completely neutral like money is?

And then it dawned on me, I was successfully urinating. Fortunately no one was in the restroom to see that I was having a moment in my moment with the john. After zipping up and washing my hands these thoughts kept flooding through my mind:

In my life I’ve been successfully:

· Miserable
· Happy
· In a great relationships
· In a miserable relationships
· Rich
· Poor
· Physically unfit
· Physically fit
· Healthy
· Sick

Heck, I have been a successful couch-potato, a business owner, a grump and an effective sales representative. Success is completely neutral. It’s so neutral that I have even successfully felt like a failure before. I have successfully failed, and failed and failed over and over again. Success is neutral!

So here’s what I thought about that epiphany at the urinal since then: If success is neutral then that means as a human being I am only capable of success. Successful pain or pleasure, either way I’m a success at whatever it is I set my mind to.

Wait a minute!?

What did I just say?

I’m successful at whatever I set my mind to.

Now, I have always believed that. I have told people for the longest time that whenever I set my mind on something I do whatever it takes to get it done—another success story. And then I realized that since success is neutral, I only have to set my sights on what I’d like to achieve. So if I want to be successfully going up, I must aim my sights on the up.

So there you have it, from successfully using the john to being successful in every aspect of life. All you have to do is Aim!

Wisdom from the John today:

Success is Nuetral.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Sometimes your only private moment is the most private of moments. Wanting to waste neither time nor waste, this is a collection of wisdom passed from the most private of thrones.